Title DSL Tools november 2005 CTP
Description One of the requisites to run the PRISMACase tool is the DSL Tools library. However, the version of DSL Tools used in the development of PRISMACase was an early version that is not longer available. For this reason, we uploaded the installer of DSL Tools nov2005 CTP in order to run the PRISMACase tool.
Title PRISMACase Alpha v1.2 installer

Second release of PRISMACase (alpha version). With this tool the entire PRISMA process can be carried out: (i) graphically create PRISMA models, (ii) instantiate and configure PRISMA models, and (iii) execute compiled PRISMA models through the PRISMANET middleware.

This tool is experimental. We are still working on it. There are several features that are not completed nor error-free. Furthermore, this tool is provided without documentation. If you want to see how this tool works, we recommend to play first the "PrismaCase demo with the movement of the TeachMover Robot".

Requisites: Visual Studio 2005 and DSL Tools (the November 2005 CTP version, used for modeling PRISMA models); .NET Framework 1.1 (for executing PRISMA models)

Copyright©2007 - The PRISMA Project.

Title PRISMACase demo with the movement of the TeachMover Robot
Description Demo of PRISMACase starting from the designing of a PRISMA model to the running of the generated code to the teleoperated movement of the TeachMover Robot (26mb of a DivX3 compressed AVI)

This demo shows the aspect-oriented architectural model of a joint of a robot and its code generation. In addition, the demo shows how a new domain-specific tool for modelling joints is automatically generated from the joint model. This tool allows the user to configure software architectures of the joint model that has been previously defined. In this case, the video shows the configuration process of the base joint of the TeachMover robot. Finally, the code generation of the base and its execution using the Generic Graphical User Interface that PRISMA CASE are shown.

Title Distributed and Mobile Agent in an Auction Site in Ambient-PRISMA
Description This is a demo that demonstrates the mobility of an agent from a client Site to an auction site executing in Ambient-PRISMANET. The agent is sent by the customer of an auction site so that this agent performs the procurement and bidding of a product in the auction site.
Title Automatic code generation of PRISMA models

This video demonstrates how the PRISMA framework allows us to automatically generate  C# code and AOADL from PRISMA graphical models. In addition, the video shows the integration of the graphical modelling tool and the PRISMANET middleware inside the framework. Finally, the execution of the BankAccount model and its instantiation are shown (XviD codec is required to play this video, it is also available at the bottom of this page)

Title PRISMA Modelling

This is a demonstration that shows how the PRISMA framework gives support for modelling aspect-oriented software architectures. The video shows the final graphical Aspect-Oriented ADL proposed by PRISMA approach and it shows how the framework helps the user to follow the PRISMA methodology. In this case, the user is modelling an Account component that is croscutted by the functional, distributed and presentation aspects (XviD codec is required to play this video, it is also available at the bottom of this page)

Title Distributed movement of the TeachMover robot
Description This is a demonstration that shows how an operator moves the Teach Mover robot from his computer by executing the PRISMA implementation of the Teach Mover robot. The video also shows the mobility of the operator component. It is moved from one computer to another one. Finally, the demonstration shows how the robot can be moved in a distributed way after the change of computer of the operator component (compressed XviD video without audio)
Title Movement of the TeachMover Robot
Description In this video there is a little demonstration of how the TeachMover robot is controlled remotely by an operator through the PRISMA middleware (it doesn't shows the operator, only the robot movements). A XviD codec is required to play this video
Title XviD video codec
Description XviD is the name of a popular new video codec being developed as an open source project. The format was created to offer a free alternative to other commercial video codecs, and despite being open source its quality and efficiency has made it one of the most popular video codecs online. You can download from our site or from: